Staurolite & Aquaprase


The Staurolite, or 'Fairy Cross' is a natural and rare phenomenon found in the earth at only a few places in the world. It is a mysterious and mystical mineral shaped by nature as a twinned cross, each an individual work of art.

Ancient legend dictates that it was believed to be formed by the tears of fairies who could not help but cry when they heard news of the crucifixion. Their tears fell gently to the earth and formed these beautiful crosses.

In more modern times, it is considered a good luck charm and has been carried by US Presidents, including Roosevelt, Wilson and Harding, because they were thought to embody power, protect and guard against negativity.

Paired with natural Aquaprase™, diamonds, 12mm Tahitian pearl and Nan's signature fringe with long chain tassel, this one of a kind necklace really tells a story.

34 inches, not including chain tassel. Hand made in Laguna Beach

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